Monday, January 5, 2009

Create a shortcut to run any software, with XP


Though they are software which allows you to create shortcuts to open your favorite program in one  Copy of 949014_european_keyboardclick. [like launchy ]Why let us not take a look at the inbuilt [ windows xp ] trick to create shortcuts of any program.

Just press [crtl]+[alt]+f and your Firefox browser pops up or [crtl]+[alt]+a and your anti virus starts up. Wouldn't that be nice plus without installing any external software.

So let's begin :

Right click on the executable file of which you want to create a short cut of :

Lets Say Firefox.

Now select properties or press the r button .You will see a dialog box like this :Shortcut

Now under Shortcut Tab search for the label name Shortcut key as shown in the image .

By default it will be [none].Select it and press lets say f.

Note :- Windows automatically adds [ctrl]+[alt] so if you press f. your shortcut will be [ctrl]+[alt]+f

Tip:Try to Use character which is the first character of your software like f for Firefox,o for opera so that you can remember.

Over to You : - So do use shortcuts, Do you use other application to create shortcut if please drop us a comment below. Thanks.

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