Friday, July 3, 2015

Analyze Twitter Tweets Using Hadoop , HIve - Part 1

We will be looking at how to analyze your own tweets from twitter and find out interesting facts and information about your tweets as well as learn about how to do so in a step wise step guide.

Technologies That we will be using  

We will be using the following technologies/software :

  • Hadoop ( HDFS - to store the database )
  • Hive ( to perform Queries on the data )
  • Java ( To develop the software that will access the data using JDBC and plot charts )
  • Eclipse ( IDE to make the development process easier ) 
  • Python (To properly parse the input )
What will our Final output look like: 

as you can see we in the end we will be able to create a Java Program that will have a GUI that can be used to show us various plots and pie charts after analyzing the tweets. 

Prerequisites : 

Well , I hope that Hadoop and Hive are running already in your system. If not please do that first as the project wont work if you don't have those, And if they are installed and you are able to use them then you can carry one reading this tutorial series.  I can do a tutorial on how to install and configure Hadoop and hive in a single cluster system ( on a single PC ) but lots of tutorial are already available in the internet so you can just Google it. ( If I get enough request I will do a step by step Installation Instruction in the future , for now Google it. ) 

 To cut the long story short you should have Hive and Hadoop Running on your system. 

Here is a list of tutorials you can follow to install and configure hive and Hadoop in your system
So if you are all set and confident lets do this to confirm at least we are on the right track and we can proceed further.

start the hadoop server using the command and then open up terminal and type 
you should get a console like 
type show tables;

you should see Ok or the list of tables that are there. 

If its all set and done we can proceed to the second part of the tutorial series.

P.S : I had done this as part of the Industrial Training In Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology,  and I was a member of a team which consisted of Prince Kumar and Payash Pradhan and myself. I would like to thank Amrit Chhetri Sir for training us on Big Data and helping us with the project.   

Friday, July 19, 2013

Cracking WIFI Passwords with just the client

Well , I got the Idea for this script from Security Tube Episode 26 , In which Vivek Ramachandran sir explains the idea behind cracking wifi passwords with just the client. Be sure to check that out .

Here I will be posting my own script which I wrote this morning to automate the process , It's bit naive but I will certainly add stuffs to it like specifying the wordlist file for aircrack-ng or even if new techniques come up for cracking wifi with just the client , I will update the script if I find any more info on it ..

Well you are free to do whatever you want with the script , But please note its only for educational purposes..

any way the script can be found here .

More info will be updated soon ..

Stay Safe .. Happy Hacking

Thursday, July 18, 2013


In this post we will see what are the thing we can do with the clients who have connected to us via the Fake Ap ..

Note if you haven't read and followed what we did in our previous post I recommend you check that first .

MITM Wifi Honeypot - part 1

 Ok.. so we have created the Fake AP , our client is connected to us and we have supplied them with our dhcp pool of address .. With this all done lets begin the FUN part..

What we will be doing ?

We will be doing dns spoofing that is we will forward all our client's request to our own computer so that we can monitor the request and even modify them if we want to and get all those details like the sites visited , sites user name and password ..and even modify those request and response .. sounds lot of fun lets get going ..

DNS spoofing 

to do dns spoofing type

dnsspoof -i at0

what we are doing is that we are forwarding all the dns request of our client to our own ip address ..  we should be able to see something like this

now thats done we have dns spoofing running and every client request is being forwarded to our own ip address now we will bind a proxy to our ip address so that we can intercept and create a transparent proxy so that the client may be able to connect to the Internet.

Note : we must be connected to the Internet for the client to be able to connect to the Internet .

ok lets start burpsuite

Now go to the Proxy Tab and to the Options tab of it click on Add

Type In 80 In the bind to port box
and select your router address or your at0 address in our case it is
And click on request handling tab and check the tick box for support Invisible proxying
click on ok and we are done ..

Repeat the same with port no 443 to handle HTTPS requests :P

Now you can see any request the client makes in the intercept tab and you can tamper with it monitor it forward it or even drop it .. You are the BOSS now :D .. you can even get login id and passwords of different site the client uses .. but while using https site the client will get a warning ..which most of the time they ignore :D

If you have any queries feel free to ask ..

Happy Hacking .. Stay SAFE 


Well after a long time I am writing an tutorial .. I had even bought and for a year but I didn't post any thing there so it just got lapsed , I am sorry for not keeping up..but now I am trying to continue  this blog by posting about the tings that I am trying these days...

Lets cut the crap .. and start of with our hacking .. :D

What are we doing today ?

Today we will create a fake wifi hotspot so that clients may connect to it and we can see what they are up to even log their facebook , or any web service  passwords if they happen to browse them on our hotspot.

Where can we use this ?

Well you can use it any where where there are lots of wifi users around i.e laptops , smart phones .. who have their wifi on and are searching for wifi networks. I would recommend places like college campus .. well I use them there :D

Um... So What the tech behind it ?

You will act as a valid wifi hotspot provider .. Providing free Internet access to everyone :) . Those who connect to it you will monitor all their data and then forward it to the real server you will be acting like a man in the middle.
Intercepting every data , Even changing them  to suit your needs and forwarding them to the real server and forwarding the replies back to the client.

[CLIENT] <-------------> [ YOU ] <------------> [INTERNET] 

What are the tools required ?

I use Linux and I suggest you should also , So I will be using Kali Linux . Its a Linux Distribution with all the tools required for hacking are usually pre installed .

  1. Linux OS
  2. Wifi Adapter which supports creating hosted network
  3. Internet  Connection 
  4. a little bit of Patience
  5. And this site of course,  to guide you ;)
If you have all this tools of  trade lets get started .. 

Software Required 

If you have Kali Linux or even Backtrack or any distribution which has aircrack-ng  suite of tools then you are good .. Else you need to install it from here - or you can start your terminal / console and type

apt-get update
apt-get install aircrack-ng 

NOTE: even kali and backtrack users I suggest you use dnsmasq [instead of dhcpserver3 or dhcpd ]and install it once again even if its already installed.

Next you need to have dnsmasq to get it type

apt-get install dnsmasq
Now you are ready .. Lets start ..

Setting Up

First we need to gather some information ..plug in your usb wifi adapter if you have one and in terminal / console type 


You should see something like this on your screen
There you will see wlan0 or even wlan1 [If you have extra wifi adapter ] . Take a note of what you have and then type
airmon-ng start wlan0
airmon-ng start wlan1

depending on what you have You should be able to  see (monitor mode enabled on mon0) 

Now thats done .. lets proceed .. 
Next we need to monitor the airwaves to get the names of the wifi access point the clients are trying to connect to do that type 

airodumpn-ng mon0

You should be able to see a few clients and under probe you will find the name of the Access Point the client is trying to connect to in this example we see that the client is searching for the wifi access point named achutetech

So we will create a Fake Ap with the name of achutetech and try to make the client connect to us . To do this we type ..

airbase-ng --essid achutetech mon0

In our example we see this 

That we have successfully managed to create a fake AP and a client with an client also was successfully associated with our fake AP. But the client will still not be fully connected to our AP since we haven't provided it with any IP address  . To do so we use dnsmasq

Note :  I have tried using dhcpd or dnsserver3 but they seem to be error prone while configuring them  and it was getting errors like Interface name is too long and all so I switched to dnsmasq and it seems to work great :D
To verify that we have dnsmasq type

whereis dnsmasq

and to see whether we have the configuration file or not [I have noticed that even tough dnsmasq was installed on Kali Os it didnt have the dnsmasq.conf file so to get it type apt-get install dnsmasq ]

and to verify that we have the config file type

ls /etc/ | grep dnsmasq

if dnsmasq.conf file is returned then its well and good But if not try

apt-get install dnsmasq

Ok now we have the dnsmasq we need to configure a few things type

vim /etc/dnsmasq.conf

[How to use vim - I will be writing a quick tutorial on it soon ]
now scroll down to line 90 or around you should see

# interface=

change it to


// at0 is the interface in which our FAKE AP lies

now scroll down even more to line 141 you  should see


just remove the #

and you are good to go :D

Now we have to supply an ip address to your router [i.e the fake ap ]

to do so type

ifconfig at0 up

and to start the dhcp service type


Now your clients should be able to get an ip address for themselves.

We have Finished the configuration part for now .. The Fun Part will be in the next post :D

The Part two is ready - here is the link

MITM - WIFI Honeypot part 2

If you have any problems till now do comment below I will try my best to reply thanks ..

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tech Geek Tricks is now Achute Tech

Hi , every one . I take this opportunity to welcome you all to a new domain name for techgeektricks
As you may have noticed that Techgeektricks has become Achute Tech . |

I have just joined college and today was my first day in college . I will not be able to give time to this Blog / Site for few days .. But Sure I will try my best to keep you guys updated on The latest Happenings in the Tech World And of course in my life .

I would like to begin a new journey with this blog and with you all  and so that we may all learn with me . As I travel through this huge tech world and learn.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Facebook Security And Privacy Tips

Facebook the worlds most popular social network.
Most people use it .. but they still dont know many features which is hidden inside Facebook and how to be secure in this digital age : Here we will provide few quick tips to protect your Facebook Account to make it more secure


Here is a list of Few Security Tips which we follow and we recommend it to you as well. To follow these tips you need to click on the drop down arrow icon near your Home button and click on Account Settings - Check the image for more info
  •  First and foremost Thing you need to update your password often :D well I guess every one knows that but most don't follow it 
Now Go to the security tab located on the left hand side as Shown in the figure
There you will see a few settings which can be configured like
 Secure Browsing , Login Notification and all as shown in the image below

  •  [RECOMMENDED]  Now , If your secure browsing is turned off  than there is a huge risk of your Facebook account getting hacked , thorough Facesniff , and other sniffer applications, may it be on phone or in PC Therefore its is MUST that you activate this Secure browsing . It will make use of Secure protocol instead of normal protocol. In simple words it will use https:// instead of http://    Which is more safe
  • [RECOMMENDED] Next thing you need to do is Activate Login Notification. What it does is it sends you SMS or email or both when some one logs into your Facebook account including You.
    This is a great way to know if anyone else accessed your Facebook account
If You use Facebook via SMS , or if you reply or add friends to your Facebook account using SMS Then This Security Tip is very important to you. That is to activate mobile pin settings. To do so Click on the mobile tab as shown in the figure before or you can click on this link

Here is whats written in Facebook about it

If you enable this feature, you need to prefix every status changing and friend adding text you send to Facebook with your selected PIN. This is to make sure that others will not have access to your account by spoofing your phone number or borrowing your phone.


 Have You always wanted to hide your status updates your wall photos and other thing from few people or just make it visible to some people and hide it from the rest Or to control what people tag you and Control it  then here is how to do it.

Who Can See You ?

If you want to Hide your status update and all from many people then follow the following steps else ignore the list creating step

List Creating Step :

To put it in simple words you don't require to specify the individual by his name while setting your privacy , You can just use the list name and all the members of the list will be selected at once which saves time.
  • Go to 
  • Now click on +Create List
  • Specify the list name in my case it is Protect and add the members in the list
  • Click create and you are done
Setting the privacy option:
  • Now go to privacy settings from the drop down beside the home button or go to this link
  • Under Control Your default privacy click on custom
  • You Should see a pop up as shown >>
  • Now you need to type the name of the list as mentioned above or name the person from whom you want to hide your wall activities
    In my case it is Protect
  • Now click on Save Changes and you are done
 Now your wall activity will only be visible to your friends except the people you choose to hide from.

You can also configure these settings for individual post by clicking on the butoon just beside POST as shown in the image

And If you always wanted to secure your profile then here is how to do it - From Facebook itself

Controlling the Tags

Now the Next setting is very important . As you see now days that unknown people or people from your friend list tag you in pics which you don't like or don't want. Some people tag you in very explicit pics and all your friends can see that you are tagged in those things . Here is how to control what other people tag you , And its very much recommended for girls to follow this

To control what happens when friends tag you or your content, or post on your timeline go to Privacy settings And click on edit settings  under the Timeline and Tagging label A pop up should appear as shown >>

Now click on Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline and enable it.

So when any one tags you in a picture or a wall post you need to approve it before it appears on your timeline . Isn't that great.

Of course I haven't mentioned all the privacy settings you can do, If I did that then this post would be very boring and well you can explore on your own self thw privacy settings facebook offers and customize them according to your privacy needs by going here

What I have mentioned in this Blog Post are the tips and settings I feel which is a must , You are free to check out the rest.

Stay Tuned as my next post will focus on the Hidden Facebook Tricks .. Till then take care. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top 10 Hacking , Cracking Forums

Do you want to learn hacking , cracking and don't know the right place to start then don't worry.
As we all know Forums are a great place to learn about stuffs .
Interested In Top 10 Computer Technology forums - Read this post
Therefore, without beating much around the bush let me come directly to the topic - TOP 10 Hacking / Cracking Forums - Ranked according to no of post,users and topics.

1- Hackforums[dot]net

With over 1,69,60,562 posts , 17,25,076 threads 2,74,438 members registered and with 2,404  Most users online This is definitely one of the Forums which You gotta signup if you wanna  learn Hacking ;) 

Here's more stats

Posts per day: 7,787.99
Threads per day: 792.09
Members per day: 126.2
Posts per member: 61.71
Replies per thread: 8.83  

2- Crackingforum[dot]com


With over   38,93,861 posts   2,00,155 Threads 2,36,529 members registered and 15,828 Most users online.

This Forum ranks 2nd position in top 10 hacking / Cracking forums  

3- Crackhackforum[dot]com

This forum has more than 318,583 posts in 148,954 threads. They currently have 74,966 members registered And the most users online at one time was 2,433 makes this forum the 3rd forum  in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums .

Here are More Stats
Posts per day: 406.13
Threads per day: 189.88
Members per day: 95.69
Posts per member: 4.24
Replies per thread: 1.14

 4- hackerthreads[dot]org

 This forum has more than1,12,748 posts in 13,865 threads. They currently have 20,664 members registered And the most users online at one time was 149.

This stats makes this forum the 4th forum in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums.

5- hackcommunity[dot]com

With over  63,436 posts in 11,281threads , 22,210 members registered and with 3,100 Most users online This is definitely one of the Forums which you wouldn’t  mind signing up for :)

Here are more stats 

Posts per day: 124.05
Threads per day: 22.06
Members per day: 43.37
Posts per member: 2.86
Replies per thread: 4.62

6- l33thackers[dot]com

This forum has more than 51,090 posts  in 28,997 threads. They currently have 10,063 members registered And the most users online at one time was 473 makes this forum the 6th forum in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums.

Here are more stats
Posts per day: 81.37
Threads per day: 46.13
Members per day: 16.03
Posts per member: 5.08
Replies per thread: 0.76

7- Andhrahackers[dot]com

This forum has more than 19,538 posts in 5,318 threads. They currently have 24,610 members registered  And the most users online at one time was 3687 makes this forum the 7th forum in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums.

  8- hacker[dot]org

This forum has more than 18,480 posts in 2,016 threads. They currently have 26,967 members registered And the most users online at one time was 793 makes this forum the 8th forum in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums.

9- evilzone[dot]org

 This forum has more than 16,626 posts in 2,552 threads. They currently have 5,453 members registered And the most users online at one time was 907 makes this forum the 9th forum in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums.

10- worldofhacker[dot]com

 This forum has more than 11,434 posts in 2,739 threads. They currently have   17,383 members  registered And the most users online at one time was 439 makes this forum the 10th forum in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums.
More Stats on this Forum
Posts per day: 20.62
Threads per day: 4.94
Members per day: 31.36
Posts per member: 0.66
Replies per thread: 3.17


My friends recently created a forum dedicated to hacking its sure worth a visit do check it out :)