Monday, September 28, 2009

How to download videos from youtube without using any service or software.

Today, we will see how we can download videos from youtube without using any service i.e softwares or any website. All we will need to download a video is a browser ;) . With out beating around the bush let me start directly with the process to download the video. I have tried this trick with google chrome.I have used : Google Chrome as an Browser. Youtube as a site to download videos.

NOTE: In onder to avoid confusion later, perform this step .When in google chrome press ctrl+shift+del - to clear your
browsing data or press the wrench sign in the topright conner of google chrome and select Clear Browsing Data.

Firstly, We need to open youtube , and play the video you want to download. Now y
ou just watch your video after it's complete.minimize your browser [note : DON'T CLOSE YOUR BROWSER].

Then go to-

If you are using :

Google Chrome : C:\Documents and Settings\techgeektricks\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache

Firefox : C:\Documents and Settings\techgeektricks\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default.udq\Cache

Internet Explorer: C:\Documents and Settings\techgeektricks\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

Where C is the drive which contains windows. i.e the system -operating system
and techgeektricks is the name of the user.

After reaching the directory mentioned above.Right click and make sure that the view of the files is in tiles. Now look for a file size larger than 3 mb .( Because I Don't think any video will be less than 3 mb ).

After finding the file copy it and paste it in another folder say 'My Documents' now rename that file with an extension of .flv let's say tgt.flv Now open this file with your favorite media player.I personally would suggest you to use VLC Media Player.

NOTE : Some times the file that you have copied is not the video you want to download. Then you have to do is trail and error method.I.E. You need to search for another file which is larger than 3 mb or has an size of an videoand then you need to copy it into another folder and change it's extension to flv as mentioned above and try to play it.


If you are facing any problems or if you have any doubt or just know some another method then you might want to drop a comment down here.