Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sent to Your Folder.

In this article we will look at, how to add your folder to send to context menu. sendto

Do you have a folder which you are in constant touch. I have,I use my personal folder lot and sometimes used to find it difficult Disappointed to send files to my personal folders , Are you having the same problem if so ,read on...

Sending your folder link to desktop.


Search For your mostly used folder,like Your personal folder.

  Right Click on it and select Send to and then click on send to desktop(create shortcut).

  Now Got to desktop and copy your shortcut.


Tip: Rename the " Shortcut to file/folder name " in your desktop with just "file/folder" name.


Adding your shortcut link to send to menu

Note:- for this trick to work you must have the show hidden files and folders option enabled. To do so click on tools -> Folder option -> view (tab) and select the show hidden files and folders.

Now go to your Parent drive i.e C: for most users

Then go to documents and settings then to user name and then to send to folder.

Now under send to folder paste your shortcut .

  Hurray now your link appears under send to menu.

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