Saturday, January 17, 2009

Track Trends across twitter with Tweetfu

Today we will look at a app to track trends across twitter. 'TweetFu_ Tracking trends across the Twitter community' - www_tweetfu_comYou could use this tool to see/compare different types of service like Blogger vs WordPress you can also use this tool to find  a popular niche on twitter.Eg :- Make money online vs Technology.  And so on

Here is a screen shot below to get you  attracted to this app :

Here is a fight Between Windows and Linux :

TweetFu_ Tracking trends across the Twitter community' - www_tweetfu_com

Another fight between  Blogger and WordPress :

TweetFu_ blogger vs_ wordpress' - www_tweetfu_com_fights_175-blogger-wordpress

To create a fight for yourself click here.

To visit Tweetfu click here.

Note you can also vied the fights created by you ;

like my is 

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