Monday, January 12, 2009, Another site to get free Twitter Buttons

Today We will look at another site to get free twitter buttons. I think twitter Buttons are picking up fashion, Gone are the day's of text-linking to any of you link now we need to attract our visitors with graphics,So let it be with twitter. You need to get good graphics to attract your [first time ] visitors to join you in  twitter ,Unless you are a super star and just a text link will do. Enough blab blab let's get to the point .

I had reviewed here @ Twitter Buttons Your ultimate Source for Free Twitter Buttons. It is also a great site to find free twitter buttons.

Twit buttons  is also a similar showcase site which offers you free twitter buttons for your blog and site.

You just have to input your name and select the button which you like the most. as simple as that Big Grin 

So head over to twitbuttons and get your self free twitter buttons  .


One thing I noticed was the lack of watermark which is great as apposed to

<img src="" alt="Twitter Button from" width="171" height="56"/>

Note to change the alt text [red one] to  

<img src="" alt="Follow me on twitter" width="171" height="56"/>

By the way you can also follow me on twitter.

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