Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Free Blog icons collection

headerIf you have a blog or Web site  but don't have proper icons to attract visitors or make you site more attractive then you might be missing something. So see the free icons below and download them.


 email_me_by_Mayosoft           glossic

    Email me by ~Mayosoft - 11 icons               Free Aqua Gloss Icons Set of 32 Icons


Finance and Applications Icon Set stage

  On-Stage: Free Vector 49  Icon Set         Finance and Applications Icon Set 59 icons 


  sketchy_paper_icons_1_5  stickers

     Sketchy Paper Icon Set :: 20 Icons                        Stickers Icons :: 52 Icons


       Web 2.0rigami          Web browsers icon set

           Web 2.0rigami (One of my best)                       Web browsers icon set




          Function Icon Set,                                128 Completely Free Icons





Irish Icons Pack      gavatars

       Irish Icons Pack 26 icons                                Deziner Folio G-avatars   


merry_christmas_2009_icons_set_1_5   distortion_icons_set_1_5

   Merry Christmas Icon Set 12 icons                    Distortion Icon Set - 68 icons


Aeon  blogging-icons-set2

                     Aeon                                      Free Glossy Blogging Icons Set for Blogger's


aesthetica_version_2_1_5   balloonica_icons_set_1_5

      Aesthetica 2.0 Icon Set - 181 icons                Balloonica Icon Set - 80 icons


blossom_1_5   blue_velvet_1_5

        Blossom Icon Set - 52 icons                        Blue Velvet Icon Set - 86 icons


christmas_surprise_four_in_one_1_5  euro_2008_1_5

 Christmas Surprise (4 in 1) 49  Icon Set               EURO 2008 Icon Set - 20 icons


Free Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set for Bloggers


          Free Hand Drawn

Doodle Icon Set for Bloggers


        (One of my favorites .)




  Free web development icons





        Free web development icons.







Liquidicity    Milky icon set

                         Liquidicity                                                  Milky icon set


OldSchool Icon Set          Phuzion

             OldSchool Icon Set                                                    Phuzion


           Pirates Theme icon collection                  Practika

           Pirates Theme icon collection                                     Practika


    ruby_extended_1_5   simplistica_preview

         Ruby Extended Icon Set - 238 icons               Simplistica Icon Set :: 25 Icons





 Socialize Icon Set - 12 icons


         [one of my favorites ]



    Turqua 3d Isometric Vector Icon Pack  





                   Turqua 3d

       Isometric Vector Icon Pack






 valentine_love_1_5 wysiwyg_sapphire_1_5

        Valentine Love Icon Set - 12 icons            WYSIWYG Sapphire Icon Set - 47 icons


I have tried by best to collect free blog icons, If you feel that I have missed some icons or want to showcase some icons or want to give feedback . Please do so by commenting bellow thanks.


  1. Iconmaster.Thanks for putting this together.

  2. Bookmarking!Nice collection of beautiful created


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