Friday, December 26, 2008

Tech Geek Tricks 2.0 [ h.A.c.K.e.D v.E.r.S.i.O.n]


You might have been reading Tech Geek Tricks or it might just be your 1st visit here ! you all 1137680369-2632 must be knowing about web 2.0,Which allows you to have more interactivity with the web site. So I thought of Creating t.g.t 2.0 with more high quality articles , Security tips , Hacking tricks ,Reviews ,Showcase of templates , graphics , Icons , Making money online , Blogging tips and tricks, Search engine optimization tricks and of course Web 2.0 sites.


Features that will be added ?

  • Including the topics mentioned above we will have-
  • A new web 2.0 look,
  • with web 2.0 tools
  • Will allow Guest post.

Why hacked version?

As mentioned above we will give you more of security stuffs and another reason is that  it is one of my Ambition to become a Computer Security Specialist. ;-)


When it will start?

January 1st -Till then read computer tricks tgt past articles and  Subscribe to the rss feed - So stay tuned.

[NO updates till Jan 1st ]

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