Saturday, January 10, 2009

Send Secure Notes. Simply! with Whisper Bot

Today we will look at another service to send and retrieve  Secure notes in the web.

I had also reviewed Privnote here , Send notes that will self destruct after being read. The only difference being that Whisper Bot, the notes will not get self destruct after being read.

What is Whisper bot

The Whisper Bot is a free , simple, and secure service to provide a modern day passing of the notes between you and your friends and keep away prying eyes.

Stop using e-mail for your confidential messages!

How the Whisper Bot works...

If you are interested in how  Whisper Bot works the check this image and the description below it.

  1. You go to and Send a note
  2. The note, along with everything else, is encrypted with a high level of encryption and stored in the database
  3. An e-mail gets sent off to alert the recipient of your note
  4. The recipient clicks on the URL and retrieves their note
  5. And the recipient and world are in their happy place


Whisper Bot site.

 Whisper Bot  Secure site

To send a note .

About Whisper Bot .

Over to You

Do you use service like Whisper Bot If so please drops us a line or have you got to say anything about Whisper Bot drop us a comment below .thanks



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