Thursday, January 8, 2009

Minime - Minimize any window to the system tray

minimeIn this article we will look at a free light weight application to Minimize any window to the system tray in a single icon.

Do you run lot of software and your task bar is crowded  with icons tab bar of your software,If so then worry no more. Recently I have discovered a software called Minime which allows you to Minimize any window to the system tray .

Here is what the author says about the tool Minime

Minime is a tool that allows you to minimize applications to the system tray using a simple hotkey. What makes this tool somewhat unique is that it keeps your system tray clean by minimizing all applications into a single tray icon.

Minime is a standalone executable that doesn’t require any installation and can even be run from your USB drive, woohoo! All icon files are stored as resources and will be neatly put into your temporary directory. Any custom settings will be placed in a settings.ini file when needed.

The source code for Minime is released as well to allow anyone to learn from or improve the application. The source code can be used without limitations as long as some credit is given and the adjusted code will be released to public. Minime is written in AutoIt.

If you haven't yet decided whether to use this tool or not then check the screen shots below :




                     Saw the difference. Winking

 Using it

 Using it is also pretty simple simply press  ctrl + shift + z And your current window gets minimized to the system tray. Or simply hold your right mouse button and make a gesture  73 .   


What is Gesture code 73? Confused

Hold your right mouse button and move your mouse according to the image shown . 


To visit the Minime website click here.

To download the Minime application (v 1.8 ) When Reviewed this application  click here [950 kb]

To download the Minime source click here.

Over to You

Do you use other applications like Minime or do you get irritated to see many icons on your task bar or would you like to share your experience about applications like minime.please drop us a line by commenting below. Thanks.

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