Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Change Pm and am in the taskbar to show your name

You can change pm and am in your taskbar by following this steps;-


1:- Go to Control panel (start/control panel )
2:-switch to classic view,if it isn’t switched
3:- go to Regional and Language option
4:- click on Customize (beside English US)
5:- Go to TIME tab
6:- Change AM symbol to your name or some thing that will appear instead of AM
7:- Change Pm Symbol to your name or some thing that will appear instead of PM
8:-click on Apply and then Ok ...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Adding password to your Microsoft files

I am using Ms Office 2007.This trick will only work in Ms office 2007 But You still can Put password with older version like 2003.I Think the way should be Same as this….???

1.  Open the document which you want to protect.

2.  Now click on save as.

3.  And then find tool named button on the save as dialog box or try the L key 

4.  And then on general option (if you can’t find the tool then try the L key and then g )

5.  A dialog box general option will open 

6.  now type the pass word in password to open and leave the password to modify blank

7.  click on protect document or press enter then reenter the password

8.  now click on save Now when you try to open your document it will ask for password.

Enter the password and You Should be able to see your document...


Make your own games without any coding

You can make games but will need to learn programming languages such as c++,java and other languages. I always wanted to make a software and a game (without so much coding),I don’t know how to make a software but I will find it out soon ,I know how to make game’s and you can make it too ...


You will need a software game maker 
Some graphics (for your game)
 some imagination
and my site ...(just joking)

OK no more fun let’s start


  • Go to game maker website
  • Download game maker 
  • After downloading and installing it you will see a dialog box Upgrade to the pro Edition
  • Click on Don’t upgrade now 
  • Well creating a game is a long procedure so why don’t you click on help and start reading.
  • You can download tutorials from here 
  • Go ahead and explore the game maker

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Load windows faster by stopping some programs running at the startup

My previous post on loading windows faster (use msconfig to load windows faster) was one option to stop running unwanted programs running at the start up now I have found out a new way Which is quiet easy and detailed.
(-“Both the way will lead you to the same thing.”-)

Way 1
Now head over to the control panel and then Administrative Tools

Note : If you can’t find Administrative tools then switch to classic view.

Now go to Services.

Way 2
Go to start and then Run.

And then type “services.msc” (-: without quotes :-)

You will see Services
Now select any service and you will see its Description on the left side
“E.g. If you select Automatic Updates. You will see
Automatic Updates
Stop the service
Restart the service
Enables the download and installation of Windows updates. If this service is disabled, this computer will not be able to use the Automatic Updates feature or the Windows Update Web site.”

If you want to disable it then click on Stop the service.
You will see that after windows has disabled it you will not see Stop the service and the
Restart the service.
Now if you have disabled any important program and you would liked to enable it then double click on the program you want to enable you will see properties of that program
And then on start up type drop down select automatic or the option you like.