Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top 10 Technology,Computer Forum

As the title says , Today we will look at the webs top 10 Technology, Computer, Internet related forums. A forum is a place where we can openly discuss things, therefore it provides us a helping hand to our problems, We can read the latest news or latest reviews or it is a place where we can just discuss. So, here are the top 10 technology forums, Where you can find the maximum no of users, topics and post.

1. Anandtech Forum
This forum, with over 284,46 members, 30,897,923 Post and  2,122,658 Threads, is the largest Tech Forum, It  is definitely one of those forums , which you wont regret signing up. So head over to Anandtech forum and sign up now.

2. Whirlpool Forum
 It is an Australian Internet and technology discussion forum, But still it is opened to users all around the globe, It is one of the best place to look for help. Tough this site is mainly for Broadband and such stuffs, you always get help here in other matters to. With  1,426,764 topics , 27,106,732 post and 397,200 members, This site is a Must for anyone interested in Tech stuffs.

 3. Tech Support Guy
In the Third position we have Tech Support Guy , with over 900,058 topics , 7,544,119 post and 574,689 members, This forum is an ideal place for anyone, searching for a great tech forum. 

 4. Tech Support Forum
With over 507,194 Threads, 2,981,882 Post and 723,500 members the Fourth position goes to Tech Support Forum.

5.Neowin Forums
With over  628,471 Topics, 9,789,416 Post and 256,479 Members Neowin Forums takes the 5th place, In this top ten list.   

In the sixth position we have , with over 268,103 threads, 2,007,686 posts and  424,369 members. The Discussion ranging from Operating Systems ,Hardware , Software , Internet and Networking to Security and lots more.
 7. Geeks to Go Forums

In the Seventh Position We have Geeks to Go Forums,They have over 242,544 Topics, 1,911,079 Post and 333,681 Members. If you are new Geeks to Go then here is an introduction (learn how it works)

8. TechArena Community

In the 8th position we have TechArena Community With over 150,347 Topics, 762,518 Post and  215,687 Members , TechArenaCommunity truly deserves the 8th Position.  Here is a screenshot of it.

9. TechSpot

The 2nd last position of the top ten goes to TechSpot, With over  145,871 Topics, 940,477 post and 178,326 Members , it is surely one of the best tech Forums out there.
10. Cyber Tech Help Support Forums

Last but not the least we have the Cyber Tech Help Support Forums at the 10th position, of our webs top 10 technology and computer related forums. 

-: Bonus :-
Thinkdigit , Tough its not in the top ten list, its one of ma personal favorites, I hope you too will like this forum as i do. With 1,123,800 post with only 29,821 Members , I couldn't ignore it ;)


I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post as much as i enjoyed writing it, Please do comment on what you feel about the top ten Forums.


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