Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top 10 Hacking , Cracking Forums

Do you want to learn hacking , cracking and don't know the right place to start then don't worry.
As we all know Forums are a great place to learn about stuffs .
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Therefore, without beating much around the bush let me come directly to the topic - TOP 10 Hacking / Cracking Forums - Ranked according to no of post,users and topics.

1- Hackforums[dot]net

With over 1,69,60,562 posts , 17,25,076 threads 2,74,438 members registered and with 2,404  Most users online This is definitely one of the Forums which You gotta signup if you wanna  learn Hacking ;) 

Here's more stats

Posts per day: 7,787.99
Threads per day: 792.09
Members per day: 126.2
Posts per member: 61.71
Replies per thread: 8.83  

2- Crackingforum[dot]com


With over   38,93,861 posts   2,00,155 Threads 2,36,529 members registered and 15,828 Most users online.

This Forum ranks 2nd position in top 10 hacking / Cracking forums  

3- Crackhackforum[dot]com

This forum has more than 318,583 posts in 148,954 threads. They currently have 74,966 members registered And the most users online at one time was 2,433 makes this forum the 3rd forum  in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums .

Here are More Stats
Posts per day: 406.13
Threads per day: 189.88
Members per day: 95.69
Posts per member: 4.24
Replies per thread: 1.14

 4- hackerthreads[dot]org

 This forum has more than1,12,748 posts in 13,865 threads. They currently have 20,664 members registered And the most users online at one time was 149.

This stats makes this forum the 4th forum in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums.

5- hackcommunity[dot]com

With over  63,436 posts in 11,281threads , 22,210 members registered and with 3,100 Most users online This is definitely one of the Forums which you wouldn’t  mind signing up for :)

Here are more stats 

Posts per day: 124.05
Threads per day: 22.06
Members per day: 43.37
Posts per member: 2.86
Replies per thread: 4.62

6- l33thackers[dot]com

This forum has more than 51,090 posts  in 28,997 threads. They currently have 10,063 members registered And the most users online at one time was 473 makes this forum the 6th forum in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums.

Here are more stats
Posts per day: 81.37
Threads per day: 46.13
Members per day: 16.03
Posts per member: 5.08
Replies per thread: 0.76

7- Andhrahackers[dot]com

This forum has more than 19,538 posts in 5,318 threads. They currently have 24,610 members registered  And the most users online at one time was 3687 makes this forum the 7th forum in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums.

  8- hacker[dot]org

This forum has more than 18,480 posts in 2,016 threads. They currently have 26,967 members registered And the most users online at one time was 793 makes this forum the 8th forum in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums.

9- evilzone[dot]org

 This forum has more than 16,626 posts in 2,552 threads. They currently have 5,453 members registered And the most users online at one time was 907 makes this forum the 9th forum in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums.

10- worldofhacker[dot]com

 This forum has more than 11,434 posts in 2,739 threads. They currently have   17,383 members  registered And the most users online at one time was 439 makes this forum the 10th forum in our list of top 10 hacking / cracking forums.
More Stats on this Forum
Posts per day: 20.62
Threads per day: 4.94
Members per day: 31.36
Posts per member: 0.66
Replies per thread: 3.17


My friends recently created a forum dedicated to hacking @cyberwizards.org its sure worth a visit do check it out :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hide Your Secret Files With Our Secret

Have you ever wanted to hide your important , Secret Files .. If yes then what can  be a better option then Hiding the file right inside other file ( this is also known as Steganography )and securing them with password.
Wikipedia describes Steganography as :
Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message, a form of security through obscurity.
 Well enough of those definitions lets start the real stuff:-
You want to :
  • Hide a Secret file inside another file 
  • Share that secret file with someone else with a password then read on..
Steps to Hide / Protect your Secret File :
  • Download Our Secret ( 1.63 MB)
  • Install It ;) and then open OurSecret
  • To hide a file we need to select a carrier file
Carrier Files are those file which Contains the hidden file plus the file itself . In simple words it carries the hidden file 
  •  Select a file (any file ) as carrier file
  • Next step click on ADD
  • Now we can either add a file or a message . If you want to hide a file select file else select message
  • Click on next and select the file you want to hide  or type in the secret message
  • Now to protect it with a password type in the password and click on Hide :)
Hear is a great example on how to hide files with our secret (GUIDE)

Steps to Unhide the files
  • Open Our Secret 
  • In the UNHIDE section Open the carrier file which contains the hidden file or message 
  • Enter the password and click on UNHIDE 
  • Double click to same the hidden file or to view the Secret Message :)
Hope You Enjoyed reading this article , and be safe always :)


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Root Galaxy Mini

What is Rooting ?

According to Wikipedia:
Rooting is a process allowing users of mobile phones, tablet PCs, and other devices running the Android operating system to attain privileged control (known as "root access") within Android's subsystem. Rooting is often performed with the goal of overcoming limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers put on some devices, resulting in the ability to alter or replace system applications and settings, run specialized apps that require administrator-level permissions, or perform other operations that are otherwise inaccessible to a normal Android user.
So without beating much around the bush lets get started on How to Root Galaxy Mini Running Android 2.2.1 .

Requirements To Root Galaxy Mini:

  1. Latest Samsung Kies ( For Drivers ) - DOWNLOAD
  2. Super One Click ( Software For Rooting ) - DOWNLOAD

Important Information Before Rooting Galaxy Mini

  •  Rooting Voids Your Phone Warranty 
  •  You may Brick Your Phone 
Please Turn off any Antivirus Software installed in your computer .
Unmount Your SD Card Before Rooting
To do so go to Settings in your phone > SD Card and Phone Storage > Unmount SD Card

Now you are ready to root your Galaxy Mini :)  

Rooting Your Galaxy Mini 

  1. Install Samsung Kies  - For Drivers
  2. Enable USB Debugging in your phone (Go to Settings > Manage Applications > Development > USB debugging )
  3.  Connect the phone via the USB cable 
  4. Open SuperOneClick.exe
  5. Click On Root 
  6. Wait for some time 
  7. After Finishing Reboot Your Phone

Monday, April 9, 2012

Windows Xp Games Cheats

Well I don't think I need to introduce you all to the most popular games of windows XP. 
Yep you have guessed it right I am talking about all that inbuilt games which Windows XP has in store for us. Today we will look at all the cheat codes associated with those games. Lets start


There are two ester eggs in this one:-
One will let you instantly win the game while the other will unlock the Hidden Game Modes

For Instant Win

  1. Open FreeCell.
  2. Hold down Ctrl+Shift+F10 during game play.
  3. Then you will be prompted up with a dialog box asking you to Abort, Retry or Ignore.
  4. Choose Abort, now move any card and BINGO!! INSTANT WIN  

For Hidden Game Modes

  1. Open FreeCell.
  2. Go to Game 
  3. Then on to Select Game or directly press F3. 
  4. In the Dialog Box “Game Number” Enter either -1 or -2 to activate the hidden mode.

Now onto the next game that is


Well , In this game you can See all the cards .
For that we need to do a bit of registry tweaking ..
  1. Firstly head over to START 
  2. Then onto RUN.
  3. Now type regedit and then hit enter .
Registry Editor will open up... Now head over to

Right click on the Hearts folder, select New, String Value and name it ZB. Right-click on ZB, select Modify and enter a Value Data of 42, OK and close Regedit. 

Start Hearts . Now Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F12 to show all the cards.

Background - This secret is a reference to Douglas Adams' book the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. 'ZB' is the initials of the character Zaphod Beeblebrox, the Galactic President. '42' is the answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe and Everything.



Well In this game you can reveal the mines and you can even stop the timer.

To reveal the mines

To do so minimize or close all running applications. Launch Minesweeper, and  type xyzzy Now hold down shift key for one second. Now when you move the mouse cursor over a Minesweeper square you will see a tiny white pixel in the top left corner of your desktop screen. This pixel will change to black when your mouse moves over a mine.

TIP: Change your desktop background to a solid color other than black and white.

To Stop the Timer

Launch Minesweeper and start a game so the timer starts counting, then press the
 Windows Key + D to show the desktop. Now when you select minesweeper from the taskbar you can continue playing with the timer stopped.


Well, here there are lots of tricks,cheats which is possible 
Type each of these codes at the start of a new game
  • Extra Balls      : Type 1max at the start of a new ball to get extra balls.
  • Gravity Well   : Type gmax at the start of a new game to activate the Gravity Well.
  • Instant Promotion       : Type rmax at the start of a new game to go up in ranks.

FOR  Skill Shot:

Launch the ball partially up the so it falls back down after just crossing the yellow light bars. There are six yellow light bars that are worth a varying amount of points:

First: 15,000 points
Second: 30,000 points
Third: 75,000 points
Fourth: 30,000 points
Fifth: 15,000 points
Sixth: 7,500 points

GOD mode or Test Mode

Type hidden test at the start of a new ball to activate Test Mode. No notification will be given that this is activated but you can now left-click the mouse button and drag the ball around. While in test mode press the following keys for more secrets:
  • H - Get a 1,000,000,000 High Score
  • M - Shows the amount of system memory
  • R - Increases your rank in game
  • Y - Shows the Frames/sec rate


Unlimited Balls
Type bmax at the start of a new ball. No notification will be given that this is activated but when a ball is lost a new ball will appear from the yellow wormhole indefinitely. Once this is activated you will be unable to activate other secrets without restarting the game.


For Instant Win

  Press Alt + Shift + 2 during game play to instantly win.

Draw single cards in a Draw Three game

 Hold down CTRL + ALT + SHIFT while drawing a new card. Instead of drawing three cards you will only draw one.

Spider Solitaire

In this game you can edit your scores and all
  1. Go to Run then onto regedit then go to   
  2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then to Microsoft. 
  3. Now go to Spider. The following is displayed: 
 a) HighScore_()=Set the value to set your high scores.
 b) StreakCurrent, StreakLosses and StreakWins= edit your streak records.
 c) Wins_()= Edits your winning records.

That's all, Now you are ready to trick your friends. Did I miss any trick do drop a comment . Did you like my post please feel free to comment. Thanks for reading.