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SiteLauncher-Hotkey Based Navigation to Your Most-Needed Sites

Today, we will look at a firefox add-on to "Streamline Your Browsing With Hotkey Based Navigation to Your Most-Needed Sites" -the tag line of the site Launcher add-on. 

I will start off by giving you a daily  example of opening[Striaght Facenot making ] a site: 

Open Firefox,clicking on Address bar and typing your favorite site until  you type "tech" many  links will appear on the drop down menu   and you, after scrolling down, find and click on it to open it ,Or you browse through your long list bookmarks and find and open it.Whew..

OR I will show you how to open any site by just pressing three buttons on your keyboard Nerd.

Press Ctrl+Space+m and Gmail start loading or Press Ctrl+Space+t and TechGeekTricks Starts up,Wouldn't that be interesting.

So go ahead to Donesmart and download The Site launcher add-on.

Lets see what Donesmart Says about Site Launcher Add - on

SiteLauncher is an add-on for Firefox that gives you a super-quick way to to open your favorite websites using only your keyboard. One special hotkey brings up the Launcher (shown above), followed by a unique key to launch a site.

SiteLauncher is especially useful as a super-fast method for opening websites you use often throughout the day, for example, many people would probably want to add Google, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter to SiteLauncher - what sites to include is entirely up to you.

Compared to the alternatives (standard bookmarks, the address bar, etc) the Launcher is the fastest, and most convenient way to navigate to your frequently needed sites (at least, that's what we think). SiteLauncher also minimizes clutter, because the Launcher only appears when you press the hotkey.

Feature highlights

    Because each site key is displayed in the Launcher, you don't have to memorize a bunch of key combinations to have shortcuts to loads of sites, only one hotkey.

    Default hotkey is customizable, in case you need it for something else.

    Add as many sites to SiteLauncher as you want. Just about any character key can be associated with a site, you're not limited to just a-z, 0-9.

    Because you press the hotkey first, no matter what key you assign to each site, you can be sure you will not cause conflict with any of Firefox's built-in shortcuts

 Highly customizable appearance - change colors, text size, spacing, column size, etc   

Optional visual effects - transparency, rounded corners, and gradients

You can have your site shortcuts automatically arranged or manually arranged in the order you want them to appear inside the Launcher

Set Launcher to open sites in current or new tab

Optionally, set Launcher to appear on startup instead of your homepage

                                                                                          Source:- Site launcher  Site

Default Hotkey

Hotkey Default


Launcher Ctrl+Space (or Ctrl+Alt for Mac users) Press the Launcher hotkey to bring forward the Launcher. Then, simply press the key indicated in the Launcher for the site you wish to launch.
(Alternative) Direct-to-site Shift+Alt (or Shift+Ctrl for Mac users) An alternative hotkey which doesn't show the Launcher. It's included for people who would prefer to use their memory instead of the Launcher, you can safely ignore it otherwise. Because this hotkey doesn't provide visual feedback to indicate when it's active, you have to keep it pressed down while pressing the key for the site you want.



Supports all versions of Firefox 2 and 3 to date.

Known to work on the following Operating Systems:

  • Windows (tested on XP and Vista)
  • Linux based (tested on Debian Etch)
  • OSX X (tested on Tiger and Leopard)


You can View the Site Launcher site Here.

You can View the Help Page Here.

         Note:- The site was reviewed by me on January 08 - 2009 at 10:00 pm India.

Over to You

Do you use add-ons like Sitelauncher? Or do you want to share us your experience of using different services/tools like Sitelauncher please drops us a comment.

~ thanks.

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