Thursday, October 30, 2008

Use notepad as a diary

Use note pad as a Diary to maintain your records .Just cool name but yes while typing or
writing you can just press F5 and date time will be displayed and you can write what happened on that time .
9:04 AM 10/30/2008 Wow! a rocket just hit the town .

And post it in your blog after wards or just keep it for remembrance. So you don't have to use a watch
and type....:-)....Try it to understand it better......

While typing in note pad press F5 to get [hour:minute am/pm month/day/year
eg : 9:01 AM 10/30/2008]

or go to edit then on time/date

8:57 AM 10/30/2008
tech geek tricks
8:57 AM 10/30/2008
8:58 AM 10/30/2008
I just visited the site

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