Monday, October 6, 2008

Hide files and folders

Want to hide folders,files?read futher

This article is also for a newbibe so if you are bit geek than don't read this article.

Hiding a folder.
  • Create a folder name it techgeektricks. (don't tell me how!and name it techgeektricks afterwards u can change)
  • Right click on it and click on properties.
  • Properties dilog box will appear.
  • click on hidden under attributes.
  • click on ok and then apply.
now just referesh your folder is gone.
So u wanna Get it back
there are two ways for this:
First way using address bar
[note:- suppose you have created techgeektricks folder under c:/ directiory(if not do it now it will confuse you afterwards if you are a total newbibe)]

so it is under c:/ directory]
Now on the address bar type


Now you are under your hidden folder

now do what ever you want ,put whatever you want.

second method:- Folder options

[note:-you have created techgeektricks folder under c: directiory]

  • now click on tools.
  • then on folder options
  • click on view tab
  • now see the list under advance settings
  • Hidden files and folders
  • then click on Show hidden files and folders
  • click on apply and then ok.
  • your folder is displayed.

[TIP: make sure you disable it after doing your job]

Advantage of first method over second method:-
in the first medthod you can directly access the folder without changing the properties on the whole. The second method you have
to change the properties which will affect all the folders and files so i you forget to disable everyone can see it. so I Would suggest you to go for the first method.


Just follow the method of hiding folders on files and it will also be hidden;


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