Saturday, October 18, 2008

Formating a computer.

So,you want to format your computer and don't know what the hell to do than just be cool and read on ;-) .This article with some images will help you on formating your computer.



While instaling windows.
1.Windows Xp [bootable C.D]

After installing windows.
1.Sound Driver.
2.Graphics Driver [If you have a Graphic card ]
3.Mother board drive [some times it is required]

Hardware requirements.

1.Decent U.P.S [Who knows when the light will go off]
2.This article printed.

After checking the requirements lets proceed to the steps.


BACK UP!!!!!

Back up your important files on the Net,C.D,D.V.D,Pendrives or any other media.
after backing up restart your computer.

When you see a black screen writen something in white  

press F11 To go to the Bootmenu.
and from the option select cd/dvd after putting the windows xp cd or dvd.
And press space bar to continue when it shows Press any key.

press any keto boot from cd.


a Blank screen with a banner at the bottom of the screen will be displayed. Window setup will be written at the top.
and bellow setup is loading files will be written.
Like this

Wait for some time.

After that

an Option screen will be shown

Press enter to continue with the instalistian

And press F8 TO agree with the lisence aggrement.[I have never read it.Have you.OOPS  :-D ]

Now press ESC to not repair and install a fresh new xp.

now select the drive in which you have the currently installed windows xp commonly c: drive And press d

Screen showing "You have asked setup to delete a partion will be shown .now press L.

And again You will return to the dashboard (I call it dashboard ,Inspired from blogger)

now go to the drive you have just unpartioned and press c and press enter.

after that on dashboard press enter highlighting C: drive

and from the list select the type you want [ntfs or fat]
I always leave it default

and then setup will format
Setup is formatting will be shown then after 100% Setup is copying files...and other things will be shown.

then your computer will reboot[restart] don't do any thing,then in gui[Graphical user interference ] winddows will
install after installing windows will reboot don't do anything and you will see the welcome screen.[do i need to explain more ]
any problem leave a comment.WE will try my best to solve your problems.

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