Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Internet and blogging for NewBibes

If you are a frequent user and know how to use internet make blogs or site than don't read this article this article is for the

Creating a Blog or web site.

Q>What is a Website?(Some have asked me so i am writing this down )

Ans> A website is a collection of Web pages
, images, videos or other things..which is hosted on web servers,
usually accessible via the Internet.
web sites address are
www.the name of the site.what is an e-mail(Some people get confused with website and email so i am writing this down)
ans>An e-mail is a electronic message ,It is like a letter it the real life.
Email address syntax is name@.(extension like .com and so on)

Q>How do i create a blog or/site like yours?(COMMON QUESTION FOR ME)
ans> Steps for crating a blog Like ours.
First go to (a service of google)
then First register for a google account by clicking on the signup button.
Then fill in the deatails and Give a name to your blog/site
and then give the web address it is usually
then do the needful of clicking ok and putting in the other details.
Now your blog will be created.
(I will soon post a video of doing this don't worry,Just be in contact with this Site)

ANS > ask me we will do our best to help you.
Please leave a comment(Now Don't Ask Me on How to post a comment? :-D )

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