Sunday, October 5, 2008

send e-mail without an account

Send note or email with out even loging in to your account.

Don't want to log in to e-mail,Do not want to type your password in insecure place to login and send e-mail then Go to
note2email now It is a powerful tool which allows user to not only send e-mail without logging in but also encrypt the e-mail you send.
A powerful tool indeed Here's a word from there site


Note2email is a web application designed to send quick text notes to any email address in the world.

When browsing the Internet from an untrusted network or an office computer it can be unsafe to type in the email account password. This tool was designed to help users send themselves email notes without logging in to their email account. For more security the user has the option to encrypt the content of the message and the encryption key is stored nowhere.

Of course this web application can be used for sending anonymous emails and spam messages but the filters and flag system can detect and stop these attempts from their early stages.

  • one easy step for sending email notes
  • encryption of the email notes
  • no login required
  • spam flag system
So what are you wating for Visit note2email now.

deadfake a service which alows user to send e-mail from any account to any one.
Read it's review Here.


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