Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blogger hacks and tips


[INFO:This article contains a list of most of the blogger Hacks and Tips from around the web.

I din't want to write all those article in my site because I din't want to copy others blogger articles and I can't invent all the tips and hacks so
I decided to summon all the [most popular ] blogger hacks and tips tricks in this post----thanks for reading this long info]

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Here is a list of Blogger tips and hacks :-) .

1..Basic Of Blogger Hacks -This article contains some important basic for any newbies like backing up template how to edit the template and much more

2. adding post a comment box below the post on blogger. - this article shows you how to add post a comment box below each post making the user easy to post comment.

this trick shows you how to add read more or continue reading in the home page.

4. A label cloud for blogger users. this trick shows you how to create a label cloud like myne [see the sidebar] for your blog spot blog.

5.How To Add Digg Button To Blog Post - "Adding Digg Button is really interesting and very useful for blogger also as it increase traffic of yours blogs and make yours blogs populars among readers ,
so to add Dig buttons to blogger you need to follow certain below easy steps."

6.Wrap ad sense text ads on left and right side or in between blog post of
-"Are You a Blogger, Are you interested in increasing yours adsense revenue by
improving the CTR of adsense of your blog that is by inserting adsense codes with in every post ,If Yes then today i will tell you how to wrap adsense code in between yours
blogpost For this you must have yours adsense account and yours Blogger account."

7. adding the top of the page icon -As you might have noticed a top of the page icon floating over the page at the left hand side. If you want to create that then follow this
tutorial by Blogger bustter.

8.Hiding blogger nav bar - [most of the people know but if you don't then read this]

9.customizing block quote - what to write read this article to get a clear picture on how to customize block quotes

10.Calendar widget for blogger - do you need a explanation.

11.How to add three columns to your footer section See the footer section of this website ,did you notice it contains 3 columns,If you want to create 3 columns for your blogger blog too then read this.
Enjoy and drop a comment if i have missed your site or a site which contains some hacks :-0 enjoy.

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