Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hide your important images with dos

So you have a image precious image stored up in your computer and want to hide it from others then you might just like our way of hiding files using the dos only.



A image file.
A good text editor (notepad will do)


What it does

This trick will convert an image file into an not understandable file See the image for more details
beforehiding afterhiding

           BEFORE HIDING                                                       AFTER HIDING

How to do it.

If you have read my article of hiding your documents using notepad then,this trick will be easy to follow.In this article I will be showing you,how to hide images in a txt format or any other format and make the image undetectable. Are you ready - Let's begin.

first move your images to c drive.[Create a backup of your image i will not be responsible if it is lost.]
Click on start then on run then type cmd
now type cd\ [press enter]
now take note of your image name and extension lets say techgeektricks.jpj
now under cmd - command prompt

ren techgeektricks.jpj techgeektricksjpj.txt           

[press enter]

Ren command on command prompt is used for renaming the files.Here techgeektricks in the file name
and jpj/txt is it's extension. I have named the out put file as  techgeektricksjpj so that while converting it back to image format it becomes easy.

Now go to the location where your image was located and try to view it.You will notice that the image has changed into a text file.

To get your image back is simple just go to ms dos prompt go to c drive an then type ren techgeektricksjpj.txt techgeektricks.jpj


Where to use it?

You can use it to send images to your friends computer hiding it from spying eyes or you can just keep it in your  computer I bet no one will ever find out what is inside those text files unless you tell them it is an image or so.


Extra notes.

You can change the .txt extension to .mp3 or any other extension.

If you change the code or fiddle with the code which you get when the image is changed to .txt extension then the image will be  lost forever.So be careful

If you want to send the image hidden as .txt file then you must attach the file itself if you give your friend the code (i.e .txt code) It will not work.

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