Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stickyscreen a new way to create sticky notes

stickyscreen Are you one of those who like to create sticky notes or do you want a service which lets you create sticky note in your browser, Then try Sticky Screen.


  • No Registrations.
  • No Submit button.
  • Free.

So head over to  Sticky Screen but note that You cannot type more than three lines and it takes help of cookies to store information. So if you clean your cookies the note will get deleted and will be replace by the default one.


Other notes

What made Jack Cheng make this service?


" I have a habit of putting sticky notes on the edge of my monitor. Usually these notes consist of mantras I come up with based on something I’ve learned or read recently. I have to change it up about once a week because if I get too used to seeing it, I start ignoring it. " - Jack Cheng

                                                                                                              See more info here.

firefox users can make it load on every new tab too, with the New Tab Homepage addon.

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