Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Writing a Secret message

Now days the securty is the main thing even when you are writing a message it can be read by other people who know's that language i.e.English,hindi,Nepali or any other language so when you need to give or write a secret message what will you do ??Well My way is to write a message in my own language (you might be wondering) here is the image of my font you can use it if you want or even create you own font click on read more to see the image and the rest of the article if you are intersted.

this is my font I write my secret message in this way You can create a font of your own just scribble anything in a page and make sure that the new font does't match with the original alphabates like mine a does't match with the new a by the bay you can even give names to the new alphabates like this one

so when you Pronounce my name achute it will sound like wasudalalota.

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