Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sending a fake e-mail

Do you want to bluff your friend that you can hack e-mail and you can send e-mail from any of your friends to anyone(whom you know).then you have come to the right place .............


OK then head over to this link or go to deadfafe to send an e-mail.

OK scroll down a bit......

you will see a compose box like this:-

Now the rest is very simple
in to write the e-mail address of the people whom you r sending the fake e-mail
in place of from write the e-mail address of the person's from whom you want to send the
e-mail .
If you don't understand till now then read this you FOOL!!!!!!!!

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  1. arey wah bhai...ur blog is very nice....

    keep it up....:)


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