Saturday, November 3, 2007

Adding save the page as pdf to your blog or site

When you are maintaining a site or a blog the first thing you have to care is your visitors. They should find what they want, then only your blog will be noticed by others, So your blog should have all the features like feeds, comment’s have to put all sought of gadgets in your blog, now today I am talking about Save a page as pdf gadget in your blog this will allow your blog or site visitor to save any page of your site into a pdf (portable document format)
Now no more introduction let's straight away proceed to the main part

Go to 

Sign up for an account there
Your next step will be to set the Conversion Options for your "Save page as PDF" button.
Now put the information
Paper Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Paper Margins (Top, Bottom, Left, Right): Specify the paper margins in inches
To see how the PDF is going to look like, simply type the URL of your web page and click on the "Convert to PDF" button.

Tip: You can always use this feature to convert any web page into PDF.

Now click on the "Generate the JavaScript" button to generate the JavaScript necessary to embed the "Save page as PDF" button in your website or blog.
The last step is to copy-and-paste the JavaScript within the body tags of your web page(s), exactly where you want the button to show up.


Tip for blogger users in page elements tab click on add a page element and select Html/JavaScript and now paste the code there

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