Sunday, January 20, 2008

Make your own games without any coding

You can make games but will need to learn programming languages such as c++,java and other languages. I always wanted to make a software and a game (without so much coding),I don’t know how to make a software but I will find it out soon ,I know how to make game’s and you can make it too ...


You will need a software game maker 
Some graphics (for your game)
 some imagination
and my site ...(just joking)

OK no more fun let’s start


  • Go to game maker website
  • Download game maker 
  • After downloading and installing it you will see a dialog box Upgrade to the pro Edition
  • Click on Don’t upgrade now 
  • Well creating a game is a long procedure so why don’t you click on help and start reading.
  • You can download tutorials from here 
  • Go ahead and explore the game maker

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