Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Customise Google Search page

Have you ever wanted to have your name instead of Google. Well if you are a hacker then surely you would be able to change it for every one, But lets not talk about every one, Here are services that let you change it for your computer only. Here are some of the screen shots.

Well you can create your own from these sites:
  • Shiny Search : Its the best so far, with customisation option to change the style and text.
  • GoogleMyWay: Another Service which allows you to change the "Google" text into sumthing else.
  • Ugoogle : Its same as above but has lot of stylish fonts.
You can then set them as your homepage. ;)
These have there own advantages and disadvantages tough. The disadvantage being that you will not get your custom searchengine when you hit www.google.com Therefore I suggest you to use these:
  • If You are a Firefox user then, I suggest you to use a greasemonkey script . Greasemonkey can be found here and the script here.
  • The other option is to sign into your google account, Then go to www.google.com and click on the bottom conner of the screen " Add a background image" and then you can either use the images listed or upload your own my homepage basically looks like this:

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