Monday, September 22, 2008

How to hide important Messages or Documents

If you were wondering how to hide some written text or messages (it should be something which is simple text)
But dont want to use any other software except the faithful and powerful notepad then keep on reading .

Lets take an example , If you want to say "I Love YOU" or want to send your bank no or any thing through internet
you know that It isn't safe to give away you information just like that so you would certainly want to hide,If so then keep on reading.

1> Open Notepad.
2> Type your message. Lets say your bank no"45475654".
3> Now click on file->saveas
4> A saveas dialog box will open.
5> Now at the bottom of the box you will see Save as type,
6> Click on the down arrow to get the dropdown list./
7> Select All Files.
8> Now in File name type name.exe // here name is the name of the file
I will suggest you to use the .exe extension since it will create an exeutiable file you can also
Name it this way name.dll,name.clp,name.bat,name.mp3,name.3gp give the extension of anything you know or
just give name.
eg, name.guragai,name.virus, or just give the name you want just take care that you do not put the
extension of .txt or any other text files

9> now click on Save and then close the notepad
10> Hurray!!!! Now you have hidden your message now try to open the file which you have saved
11> Supprized ??!! Did it open or could you see what you have written.
12> So What on earth should i do to open the file? Ok, Now open notepad
13> Click on File->Open, Now go to the place where you have saved the file earlier
14> now open the file
15> hurray the file opened.

What can you do with this,
You can send your message to your GF or BF with out letting any one know what is written inside.
You can send your Bank no or Password to someone And try to figure out how to use this process trick
and if you do find any new thing out of this then remember to drop a comment on this article.

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  1. good trick to encrypt with notepad


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